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Michigan Pneumatic Tool is your full-service air tool company leading in the design,
distribution, manufacture, repair, and rebuilding of air tools for all industries.
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Reciprocating pneumatic tool, the motor of which is a reciprocating piston that delivers one or a series of blows. Air Hammers, Chipping Hammers, Clay Diggers, Hot Riveting Hammers, Pavement Breakers, Rammers / Tampers, Rivet Busters / Demolition Hammers, Riveting Hammers, Rock Drills, Scaling Hammers / Needle Scalers, Special Hammers, Scabbler, Percussive Tool Accessories.
Rotary pneumatic tool fitted driving an output spindle through a gear box and/or clutch to carry a socket, bit or other device to tighten or loosen nuts, bolts, screws and other fasteners. Impact Wrenches, Pulse Wrenches, Ratchets / Nutrunners, Screwdrivers, Assembly / Fastening Accessories
Rotary pneumatic device typically incorporating a chain wheel or a wire rope drum for lifting, lowering, or pulling loads. Balancers, Hoists, Winches / Tuggers, Hoist / Winch Accessories
Rotary or reciprocating pneumatic tool driving an output spindle adapted to carry an abrasive wheel / device for material removal. Files, Grinders, Sanders, Material Removal Accessories
Rotary pneumatic tool driving an output spindle, typically through a gear box. The spindle is normally fitted with a chuck or Morse taper making the tool suitable for boring metal, wood and other materials. Aircraft Drills, Drills, Large Drills / Reamers, Drill / Reamer Accessories
Rotary, compression, or percussive pneumatic tools in which various driving attachments can be carried to upset a variety of types and sizes of rivets. Blind (or Break Stem) Riveters, Compression Riveters, Rivet-Nut Installation Tools, Riveting Hammers, Riveting Equipment Accessories
All types of pneumatic tools for all types of difficult applications. Engraving Pens, Nibblers, Paint Sprayers, Punches / Flange Tools, Special Application Accessories
Everything that you need to get your pneumatic tools job ready. Air Fittings, Air Hoses, Air Manifolds, Air Movers, Jet Fans, Air Handling Accessories
Protect your workers from respirable silica dust and other harmful debris. The VDEX system from Michigan Pneumatic Tool is the most comprehensive collection of effective, universal adapters for popular construction tools. Tool Attachments, Vacuum, VDEX / Dust Extraction Accessories
Keep all of your pneumatic equipment running and job site ready with one of the largest spare parts inventories in the world. Air Handling Accessories, Air Hose, Air Line Accessories, Air Tool Oil, Air Tool Parts, Drill / Reamer Accessories, Hoist / Winch Accessories, Material Removal Accessories, Nibbling / Cutting Accessories, Percussive Tool Accessories, Riveting Equipment Accessories, VDEX / Dust Extraction Accessories

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